Interesting games - Celebrities online!!!

Plunge into the world of Hollywood, a huge stage and scenery! Coming up with images of the most famous stars of show business!!!

to devote the entire


change the appearance of characters

choose the eye color, hair style, hair color

Make a fashion makeover for Dakota Fanning

You can build lashes, choose a lipstick and blush

Make-up American


Hollywood makeup for Hayden Panettiere

Choose your hair style, makeup and stylish clothes

new image, much as the three stars of Hollywood

make-up on the well-known Canadian singer

you have the opportunity to make up to him

Start shooting a new film with actors

decorate the exterior of the wife of David Beckham

Britney Spears goes

on tour

radically change

the image

you'll get not only a stylish wardrobe

at your disposal hair and makeup

The image of Jacob, clothing and accessories

Audrey gets Oscar

dress her

Tom Cruise's baby daughter has fashionista

you can make

her real hair

make-up for the popular actress

Hair, makeup and hair color, all at your fingertips

chibika to create the image of Lady Gaga

Turn this homely girl, an actress

game, with American actress Hayden

Make-up for the main character of the series Lizzie

Makeup for actress Emma Watson, Hermione

Let Lady Gaga will be even brighter

three pop divas, invent images

Singer loves the bright stage make-up

you can do


Think of them different but still stylish images

Kristen Stewart is especially loved by many

Makeup celebrities


They are very popular in Hollywood

you can emphasize its


You can choose a puzzle, and the level of difficulty!

Help them to kiss that no one would have seen

she was asked to shoot for a fashion magazine

It has a very nice appearance

it should always look irresistible

Taylor take good care of your skin

Take care of the appearance, the famous model

do for her fashionable hairstyle

Barbadoskaya beauty is preparing for a concert

choose a hairstyle for the very Justin Bieber!

new image for the fair-haired beauties

Makeup for actress Emma Watson, Hermione

Do not forget to powder Breda for photographies

They are well-known singers who sing in a group

You stylist popular pop diva Beyonce Knowles!

Let this beautiful actress will be more beautiful

an incredible makeup for Keira Knightley

you can just emphasize her appearance

Help Selena to choose a hairstyle makeover

She is counting on your tastes

dramatically change the appearance of Vanessa

you will leave the ring with stars

girl has a beautiful face and figure hair

several current types of makeup

Zayn Malik asked you out on a date