A brief overview of Dragon poker

The game dragon poker stepped into the poker industry on the day of 27 th September in 2018 in Las Vegas. The players use the customized deck of cards which is symbolized by Chinese pictures. Dragon poker games consist of three-card poker.

Some terms associated with dragon poker and the special rules designed for the game:

  • At the start of the game, there is a low bet designed. The Ante refers to the bet which is dealt first before any cards.
  • The collected bet from all of the players is called pots. Sometimes the player may fold which means the betting card is not worthy of placing a bet. The player who folds has to leave his card immediately.
  • Anti-gambling rule: If any player chooses to play in an area that is strictly prohibited from gambling, the player needs to make a plan to hide his actions.

The rules associated with Dragon poker:

  • This game is played by not more than six players on one side of the table and places the bet to the dealer on the opposite side.
  • There are 53 customized card decks used for this game. The cards are required for this game. These are one gold dragon card, three fire dragons, three water dragon cards, seven phoenixes, eight tigers cards, 9 cards of pandas, 10 cards associated with monkeys, and the remaining twelve cards are a rabbit.
  • There is only one wild card among them. That is a gold dragon.
  • To play the base game, the 3 card bonus, fire dragons, water dragons are similar. These are used in a different way for the dragon bonus.
  • The base game commences with similar quantities of Ante and Ante bonus. In this situation, the player takes the 3 card bonus and dragon bonus as an optional betting purpose.
  • After the end of the betting, both the player and dealer get the three cards. The dealer card is face
  • There are two options available to the player. These increase the bet which is similar to Ante bet or fold.
  • If the betting player folds, the Ante and Ante bonus is lost to him.
  • After the player plays, the dealer discloses his cards.
  • Both hands can score highest to lowest. These are three of a kind, pair, and three singletons.
  • If the player achieves the higher band, the ante and play bets will pay one to one and ante bonus according to the rules.
  • Similarly, the dealer who achieves the higher brand, play, ante, and ante bonus will lose
  • If the tie happens between the player and dealer, all the elements like Ante, Ante bonus, and play will push.
  • The value of the 3 card bonus will be determined by the player’s hand.
  • The dragon bonus will be paid based on the number, sort of dragons in the hand of the player.
  • All the winning is based on one to one.

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