How to Play International Poker

This is a game where two or more players can join. In this example, we will show you a six-player poker game which is the most popular form of poker on the internet, in each round one player posts a small blind.

The second player posts the big blind These are the mandatory bets for these two players. The other four players can play for free in order to make it fair in the next round. A different player must post a smaller blind and a different player must have a Big Blind will have to post.

There are four betting rounds in the game of ligapoker.

Pre-Flop Round

In the first round which is called the pre-flop round, the player starts acting next to the Big Blind position, there are three different choices this player can take which he can call which means in the Big Blind  Can put or pick which means putting in more money than Big Blind.

The last option is folding which means you throw your cards, the next player will also have the same options to call fold or raise, once each player has contributed the same amount, the chips are moved to the middle of the table and the second round flop round begins.

Flop Round

The flop round begins in the second round. Three community cards are dealt with face-to-face on the poker table. Each player may use two of his personal cards and three community cards to form a five-card poker hand.

The smaller blind player is the first to act.  which he can check which means to bet nothing or he can bet by putting some money in the middle which other players have to match.

If they want to stay in the game then the last option is to fold which means is to throw his card in the same way as the pre-flop has or can call which means matching a bet of 10 chips or can pick which means putting more than 10 chips like 30 chips once all have contributed the same amount.

Turn Round


The third betting round begins, another community card will be dealt on the table, meaning you now have six cards available, two in your hand and four on the table, you can play any five of the six cards.

Five Card Poker Hands How You Play in the Third Betting Round Similar to the way you play in the Second Betting Round once everyone has contributed the same amount to the turn round.

River Round

The fourth betting round is played in the same way as the second and third betting rounds. After four rounds of betting, any player who has the best five-card poker hand wins the pot and loses the rest.

One winner takes all the games and therefore poker is attractive because when you win you end up winning big with lots of money on the line, you must be careful with your betting decisions, either by increasing the bet fold call or your decision to check should depend on how strong your five-card poker hand is.

And so the round comes up and players finish. The highest ranker will win.

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