Learn about payouts and odds for playing the roulette game

Roulette is a game of chance, and no one can easily predict where and when the ball will land. However, you may increase your potential to win the game by understanding the payouts and odds.

Learn about roulette odds

The roulette game is available in European and American versions. The American version includes 2 zero pockets. Thus, table odds are comparatively low in the European version.

But, odds may also vary with the chosen bets. While choosing a single number, your winning chances in the European game are 36 to 1 and 37 to 1 for the American version. 

When you place your bet on the black/red, the odds can be close to 50%. The payout will be on the basis of the 1:1 ratio. The presence of zeros in the American roulette can make a difference in the odds. 

Are there variations to the roulette payouts?

Odds can affect the roulette payouts because the bets with the lowest winning chances can ensure the highest payouts. While applying your roulette strategies, you must identify the type of wager to be placed.

For instance, bets with a low payout and high winning potentials are applicable for progressive strategies.On the contrary, players who like to win morein a few spins must choose the biggest payouts.

Therefore, the best roulette bet is something, which ensures the most desirable odds and payouts.

To find the attractive payouts and good odds, you have to understand the bets. The outside bets can give you the best payout. These bets cover more than 50% of the potential outcomes of the roulette game. Some outside bets like dozen and column provide you with better payouts. They cover almost 12 of the roulette wheel’s numbers. Out of 3, you have 1 chance of winning the game, and the payout is in the ratio of 2:1.

Inside bets are particular numbers inside the betting table, and the winning chance is low with these bets. But, the payout is comparatively large, although there is no difference in the house edge. 

One of the commonly chosen inside bets is straight-up bets with the payout of 35:1. Similarly, a split is another inside bet with a payout of 17:1. With this bet, the payout percentage is 5.2% (American version) to 5.4% (European version). The street bets ensure a payout of 11:1, while corner bets give you a payout of 8:1.

Beating roulette with better odds

While playing American roulette online NetBet, the house edge is about 5.26%. Thus, by controlling the odds, you can increase the potential to win the game. You may not find any particular strategy to win the game on every spin. But, you can at least increase your winning chances by learning the best tactics. 

Do not think that the casino house will always win the game. But, it may get some advantages from the roulette game. It finds higher odds of winning the game. Visit the best casino and play the game of roulette.

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