The role of percentages in poker: how it is calculated?

Besides positions, another big part of motobolapoker is mathematics. Understanding all the statistics of the game is very complicated, but don’t be discouraged. Throughout this guide you will understand how much and why percentages influence your decisions.

There is a big difference in the role of percentages in live poker tournaments and tournaments for online poker. After all, when you are playing live there are a greater number of variables influencing the game. Why does Player X take off his glasses before rising? Why does the opponent in position 7 insist on covering the veins in your neck? Who talks a lot at the table and who talks little? What does that mean about your playing styles? These questions are the social and psychological part of live poker. However, they are not present in the online game. This means that online poker is much more based on numbers. It is no wonder that there are dozens of software that help players make decisions.

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The combinations

Statistics is most clearly present in your chances of making certain combinations. It is based on these numbers that the hand ranking was created. That is, the royal flush is worth more than a full house because, mathematically, it occurs less often.


In situations where at least one player is all-in, we have a showdown. At this point, regardless of which betting round is being played, the players involved show their cards. When the cards are exposed and there are still community cards to be opened, statistics come into play. From the complete combinations and those that can still be made, it is possible to know the chances of each player. That is where the term “chase” refers to when the player is losing his hand and needs to hit something to win. Regardless, at the showdown you are at the mercy of luck. There is nothing else to do but hope that your combination ends as the strongest.

Adapting your play style

In dafter poker, you need to change the way you play depending on the situation you are in. With experience, it becomes easier to know how to adapt, but for now, remember these tips. One of the main situations that influence your game mode is the bubble. The bubble happens exclusively in poker tournaments. This phase of the tournament occurs when there is little elimination left to enter the prize pool.

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The bubble is a tense moment, but much awaited by the players. Beginners are usually nervous and afraid of being eliminated in the bubble. Don’t play this way. If you have a good amount of chips, the bubble is great for you. After all, other players will be more cautious and you can be aggressive.


If you are short of chips, the bubble requires you to play tight. One of the worst feelings in poker is being eliminated in the bubble. So, choose to play only strong hands like high pairs, strong aces and other combinations like KQ and QJ of the same suit. Another situation where adapting is necessary is when the table is short-handed.

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