Which are the new slots released by Microgaming Industry?

In this article, we will discuss which are the new slots released by Microgaming in the market. Also, we will discuss what online slots are and how were they formed and made.

What are online slots?

Slots is a game that is available in the casino as well as online casinos. Slots were first made in New York City and were in the form of mechanical machines which were played physically. But nowadays, due to the evolution of technology, people prefer to play online slots.

Online slots are just like the slot machine on which you play in the casinos. The only thing is that this online slot gives you more return and bonus than the offline slots. That is why online slots are so popular in the market and are being demanded more.

Slot online Pragmatic88 is another website where you can play different slot games and normal games also. Here you can get slot games, card games, dice games, and many other kinds of games. Slot machines are also called one-armed bandits due to their appearance. This means that they only have one lever on either side of the frame, so they refer to it as a single arm.

The basic slot in the market has a three reels system, but on the online version, you can play up to 7 reels. The higher the reels, the better will be the chances of winning and also unlocking boosters. Online slots are made by companies that are in the field of gambling and betting. The first-ever online casino was made by the Microgaming industry, which is very old.

Which are the new slots released by Microgaming?

Here is the list of slot games that are newly made and released in the market by Microgaming.

  •  Deadmau5

This is a new kind of slot game, and it has a five reel system made inside of it. It also has a very unique 243 different pay lines from which any player can win. It is a branded slot made by Microgaming and is given the name of a famous Canadian DJ.

You can easily win up to 2100x the line stake, which is there in the game. Deadmau5 is a unique slot game and offers high volatility and also RTP of 95.22%.

  •  Ocean of wild

This game is made by Microgaming after the partnership with Just For The Win Company. This new game focuses on Neptune, who is the Roman god of the sea. This game delivers an impressive payout and sometimes goes up to 25,000x of the stake. This high has high volatility and has an RTP rating of 96.15%.

  •  Tarzan and jewel of Opar

Tarzan is added in a slot game after they had partnered up with the GameBurger Studious. This slot game has a 5 X 3 grid system and has a 20 fixed pay line system. The game can give you up to 5000x time the money which has made a bet on something. The game’s logo consists of the Black Panther as its background and also has some unique symbols.

  •  Aquatic treasures

This slot game is made after the collaboration between Microgaming and Gold Coin Studious. The game is built on the simple idea of the hidden riches in the bed of the sea. It has symbols like a wild dolphin, pearls, and also three gemstones which represent high payback amount. This game also has a 5 X 3 grid system and a fixed 20 line payout system. The top payout you can get is 357x time your bet, and its RTP is 94.22%.

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