Counting your outs in poker: your chances of winning

If you are already getting into advanced poker 99 strategies, starting to count your poker outs has to be a priority. What are the outs in poker? The cards that are about to come out that will make us win the hand or improve it, that is, to complete the play we are looking for. Counting outs in poker is decisive, but not definitive, for two reasons. We can have a high probability that the play we want will come out and that it will not come out, or that it will be insufficient. Alternatively, it may happen that the play that we have tied is not enough to win. An example would be completing a set but an opponent still had a superior hand.

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Odds and outs in poker

The outs are the basis for counting probabilities in poker. So as not be entertained by calculating these options manually, there are some tables that establish them based on the cards that serve you. A very clear example is the flush and pair draws from the flop. Right now, you have nothing. However, you have a 36.2% chance of getting a ‘flush or straight’ on the first turn or 59.8% at any time. If you have ‘AK’ and did not ‘flop’, you have 12.8% and 24.1% respectively to get a pair. Now, in the first case you will probably go behind, especially if the project is a straight and a flush with low cards, and in the second you can go ahead by high card. There is the limitation of counting outs in poker, which regardless of the opponent’s game can be a double-edged sword.

Odds: Make decisions when counting outs

It is vitally important to know how many cards you will be worth and what options are there for you, but it is even more important to know how to make decisions from there. For example, if we have six outs, we have pot odds of 7: 1. If we count the two cards that are about to come out, they would be 3.14: 1. How do we get this number with poker outs? Easy, out of 46 unknown cards, they are worth 6 but 38 not. If you have to pay 100 in a pot of 400, the formula would be like this – 100/500, to equalize the bet and make it profitable we would need more than 20% probabilities.

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Counting outs in poker is not everything

The aforementioned formula is ideal for evaluating profitability in some specific agen idnpoker games, and it takes a picture of long-term profitability. In this way, it prevents intuition from playing tricks on us and making irrational decisions.

Continuation bets: It is not a good idea to always wait for the opponent’s bet and go in tow of your game.

Hand reading: The aforementioned formula matches unknown cards, but many times, we can read which card an opponent has.

Specific moments of the game: This formula does not take into account the chips that we have left of margin. At times, it can be interesting to push harder or be more aggressive.

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